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Yakage town Nature


 In our Yakage town, you can see cherry blossoms and canola flowers in spring, fireflies pale light at summer night, beautiful autumn leaves, and the fantastic scenery of fog in winter.


Yakage town Stay and Explorer


Some traditional Japanese style hotels, Campsites rich in nature,
Zen meditation , calligraphy , and other experiences, and lovely foods are waiting for you.


Our culture and history


Sacred music and dance


Our town prospered as lodging for Samurai in the 17th century, and we can still see traces of that. Our Yakage town full of Japanese characteristics, such as national important cultural properties, a temple built in the 8th century and the garden built over 21 years , and a Shinto religious dance based on an ancient stories.



Chairperson Greetings

Haruhiko Kaneko

“Welcome to our Yakage town”

 During the Edo period (1603-1868), Yakage worked as a village of old style inns. A village of old style inns like Yakage played an important role for smooth transactions in those days.
  On the street of our town I wish you to imagine the scenery of hustle and bustle by more than 800 procession members staying at Yakage. On the second Sunday of every November you can even observe a reenactment of the feudal lord’s procession parade.
  Please visit our Yakage town that gives you an unique opportunity to learn first-hand Japanese history.


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